Cairen + Isa Maidan’s wedding

Florist: Charlotte Bradford

Photographer: Philippa James

Client: Cairen + Isa Maidan

Charlotte was an absolute dream to work with, and I had full confidence that she would deliver on our wedding flowers from start to finish.

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, and Charlotte was so helpful in shaping my rough ideas – but without ever making me feel like I couldn’t do what I wanted to. She has such a strong knowledge of flowers, suppliers and what is seasonal, which helped us to find the best quality for a really reasonable price.

The flowers on the day were absolutely stunning. I couldnĂ­t have asked for anything better. Charlotte perfectly captured the spirit of the day with her flower arrangements (from bouquets, to pin holes, to table flowers to a stairway arrangement) and the flowers were just beautiful. Really modern and yet lovely. She worked so hard to make it all work for us and the end result was fabulous!

Cairen + Isa Maidan